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Each week Paula reserves a few sessions to discuss what solution is right for you.

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GUT Specialist

Is your GUT controlling your life?

Do you avoid social situations or unfamiliar territory because you are worried about needing to go to the bathroom?

My mission is for you to have freedom from your GUT:

  • To be able to go new places with confidence
  • To be able to get through a meeting without excusing yourself
  • To be able to sit in the centre of the row at the cinema without worrying about 'I might need to get out and interrupt other people'
  • Not have to suffer from bloating and diarrhoea
  • To have more energy simply because your nutrients are not going into your body instead of straight through
  • To have a clear mind

Your GUT is the gateway to your body. Aside from the obvious GUT problems such as constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, cramping and reflux there are also many other health conditions that are contributed from lack of a stable GUT. These include:

  • Inability to lose weight
  • Unable to think clearly
  • Hormone imbalance since the waste hormones are being recycled

I am passionate about making long-term changes for people. Get to the cause of the problem, restoring the correct balance of flora in the GUT and gradually making changes over time so that the changes become part of your lifestyle.

If any of the above resonates with you, then the best thing you can do is to find out what could work for your situation when it comes to getting your energy back and best of all your freedom back.

Since everyone is different, we take a very customised approach here at Cuffley Nutrition. To discuss your unique situation for FREE, schedule your 30 minute chat with Paula by emailing with your best contact number so we can schedule a time to connect with you.

I provide you with the information to make your own decision, lead you on your health journey and use science to get to get to the core of what is going on.

My interest in nutrition started over 10 years ago when whilst on my own health journey I was inspired by the approach of a natural doctor by not just addressing the symptoms but providing a comprehensive, holistic approach. She inspired me to get back to basics and heal in the most natural way. Food, state of mind and exercise.

4 years later I qualified with my degree in Nutritional Medicine and have not looked back. I love my job, inspiring people to be their best.

Prior to nutrition I worked in corporate IT for more years than I care to remember. I understand the pressures, stress, overwork, dragging yourself out of bed, battling the traffic, coming home exhausted and not really enjoying life. Even the smallest change to rebalance life can make such a difference.